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Special Units


The Sheriff's office presently utilizes two patrol certified K-9's.  This K-9 is assigned to patrol duties.  The dog is  currently trained in Criminal Apprehension and Patrol Functions. K9 Kilo and K9 Max joined patrol in June 2014.

Courtroom Security

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for security in the Circuit Court.  Three deputies, assisted by court bailiffs, help maintain order in the four court rooms during court proceedings.

Child Physical and Sexual Abuse Investigations

Child abuse investigations begin with a referral from a community member to the Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services Unit. If a physical or sexual assault injury on a child is apparent, the police and Child Protective Services then begin a joint investigation by first speaking with the alleged victim and any siblings in the home. Once their account of the incident is obtained, the investigation concludes with an interview of the alleged abuser, often times a parent, at which point criminal charges may be issued for the injury to the child. The Cecil County Sheriff's Office has two full-time deputies assigned to the Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services Unit to investigate these cases in Cecil County. The Criminal Investigation Division also assists in these cases.

Criminal Investigation Unit

The Cecil County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division is composed of a sergeant, seven investigators, and an administrative assistant.  The unit is responsible for major case investigations that include homicides, robberies, burglaries, sex crimes, and thefts.  The unit also conducts missing persons, applicant backgrounds, and administrative investigations.  Members of the unit are provided in depth training in areas such as interview and interrogations, death scene investigations, and identity theft to help them perform their duties.

One member of the unit is responsible for the sex offender registry of Cecil County.  This assignment includes registering all sex offenders twice a year, maintaining up to date records of sex offender addresses, and investigating any violations of sex offender registry laws.  Violations of sex offender laws include offender failing to register or failing to make proper notification of an address change.  Currently, the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for approximately 165 sex offenders.

Two members of the unit are assigned to the Child Advocacy Center as investigators.  Their assignments include investigations of all child sexual abuse cases assigned to the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.  These investigators also investigate internet crimes against children (Child Pornography), child fatality cases and serious child physical abuse cases.  At the Child Advocacy Center, the investigators work in a multi-agency environment that is centered on being “child friendly”.  The Child Advocacy Center provides an environment conducive to interviewing children.

The Criminal Investigation Division is also responsible for the tracking of gang members and gang activities within the county.  The Cecil County Criminal Investigation Unit recently formed G.A.N.G. (Gang Awareness Network Group) which consists of numerous agencies within Cecil County working together to combat gang activity.  G.A.N.G. meets quarterly to discuss gang activities and identify potential threats to the county.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Division also regularly work with other agencies within and outside Cecil County.  Cecil County’s proximity to Delaware and Pennsylvania causes many investigations to become multi jurisdictional.  The Criminal Investigation Division also maintains a working relationship with the Maryland State Police and the local town police agencies located within Cecil County.

The Criminal Investigation Division is located at 107 Chesapeake Blvd Suite 112, Elkton, MD.  Citizens may contact members of the Criminal Investigation Division by calling (410) 392-2116 or (410) 392-2110.  A citizen may leave an anonymous tip concerning a crime by calling (410) 392-2180.

Task Force

Partner with Maryland State Police, Elkton Police Department & Cecil County State Attorney's Office

Investigators are assigned to a multi-jurisdictional task force combat illegal drug activity, targeting mid-level to major dealers within the county. This unit's operations are supervised by the Maryland State Police. These investigations lead to the seizure of amounts of currency and property from drug dealers. These funds are returned to law enforcement to continue the fight against drugs and dealers. Investigations are performed by undercover purchases, covert surveillance and telephone wire taps, among other techniques. You can contact the Cecil County Drug Task Force at 443-350-9125.

Civil Unit - Writs and Civil Papers

The civil unit is comprised of four deputies.  These deputies are responsible for serving all civil papers issued by the courts.  These papers include jury summonses, court subpoenas, criminal subpoenas, and evictions.  The Sheriff's office receives an estimated 20,000 civil papers per year.  

Warrant Unit

Personnel assigned are tasked with entering and maintaining records of warrants received.  Keeping open lines of communication with allied agency's and the courts.  Warrants are served by all deputies assigned to patrol.  The Sheriff's office has over 2,000 warrants on file.  These warrants are attempted numerous times by deputies.  Most warrants remain active until the warrant is served.