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Children and Seniors

Deputies in Schools

The purpose of the School Policing Unit is to present a highly visible law enforcement presence on county school campuses in order to deter criminal behavior and act upon crimes which may occur at assigned schools. The School Policing Unit is designed to act as a proactive unit to intercede and intervene in order to reduce crimes on assigned school campuses. The School Policing Unit will function in cooperation with the Cecil County Public Schools to provide a safe learning environment throughout all Cecil County Public Schools in which deputies are assigned.

Child Safety Seat

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Are You OK - A Senior Citizen service

 The "Are You Okay?" Computerized telephone reassurance program is a free service for senior citizens, disabled persons, and shut-in's in Cecil County. The Cecil County Sheriff's Office, Allied Law Enforcement Agencies of Cecil County, and the Cecil County TRIAD/SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) sponsor the program.

The program features a computerized telephone system that will make daily calls to subscribers at the same time each day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with subscribers choosing the hour of their call. The system is housed at the Cecil County Sheriff's Office. If the subscriber is "OKAY," he/she simply hangs up the telephone when they hear the recorded message. If the subscriber does not answer or if the line is busy, 2 more calls are made. If there is still no answer, the computer generates an "alert" report. A Police Communications Operator will contact a previously designated neighbor who has agreed to assist in the event of an emergency, and/or an officer will be dispatched to the subscriber's home to check on the welfare of that individual.

When an officer is dispatched due to an "alert," the officer will be advised as to the pre-designated location of the key to the residence.

Only Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Personnel will have access to the confidential information provided by subscribers to the "Are You Okay?" program.

Subscribers will be required to sign a waiver of liability and a consent form.

For additional information please contact the Cecil County Sheriff's Office (410-996-5500) or the Cecil County Department of Aging (410-996-5295).

"This excellent service reassures those who are in need, their family and loved ones, while reducing apprehension and fear for those who live alone."

 "Are You Okay?" is a program sponsored by the Cecil County Sheriff's Office and Cecil County TRIAD/SALT in partnership with Cecil County Department of Aging, Cecil County Department of Social Services, Cecil County Health Department's Adult Evaluation Review Services (AERS), AARP, and the Allied Law Enforcement Agencies of Cecil County. This program is made possible by a grant from the Office of Injury Prevention.

D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse, Resistance , Education

This program is taught by deputies to all sixth grade students in Cecil County.  The program promotes drug awareness and education about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco use and illegal drugs.