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Detention Center Recognitions


    39th Annual Maryland Correctional Administrator's Conference

     June 2014


Listed above from left to right:  Major Randy Rudy, Deputy First Class Michael Rea Sr., Major Jeff Clewer, Sergeant William Nelson and Sheriff Barry A Janney Sr.







Deputy First Class Michael Rea has been employed at the Cecil County Detention Center since September 17, 2012.  DFC Rea is married with four children and lives in the Elkton area.  He graduated the Entrance Level Correctional Academy at MPCTC on July 24, 2013 with Honors.  On November 17, 2013, he was promoted to the rank of Deputy First Class.  DFC Rea received one of the highest scores in the facility on his annual appraisal.

 DFC Rea's work ethic far exceeds the County and Agency's standards.  DFC Rea doesn't settle for average.  He is highly motivated and is always looking to not only improve himself but to improve the overall operation of the facility.  He has never used sick leave and has never been late for work.  DFC Rea is the definition of a team player.  He frequently assists his fellow co-workers and supervisors in accomplishing daily tasks without having to be asked, and volunteers to cover staff shortages.  DFC Rea is not only willing to assist his co-workers while at work but also assist them while off-duty.

 DFC Rea has gained the respect of the inmates, his co-workers, and his supervisors.  One of DFC Rea's biggest attributes is his positive attitude.  DFC Rea never complains about post assignments, additional tasks that are assigned, or overtime.  DFC Rea completes these tasks to the highest standards without complaint and does so with a smile on his face.  DFC Rea is a positive role-model for not only junior Officers but all Officers in the facility.  DFC Rea is a hard worker, extremely dedicated, a pleasure to work with, and is a true asset to this facility.




Maryland Correctional Administrators Association

 Community Service Award – Deputy Michael Hamilton


  On March 11, 2014 Deputy Michael Hamilton was awarded the Maryland Correctional Administrator's Association "Community Service Award".  Hamilton is member of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, assigned to the Detention Center.   The award was presented at a luncheon at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City.    The award was due to his involvement with the fire service.  Hamilton is currently the elected Chief of the Rising Sun, Maryland Volunteer Fire Department.  He volunteers a large portion of his off duty hours in that position.   Deputy Hamilton has been awarded the President's Award within the fire department, which is viewed as the highest award to be reached.  He has also received the Life Saving Award, for saving the life of an elderly man, whom suffered a heart attack while driving a full size farm tractor.  The tractor crossed through a major throughway missing traffic in both directions.  The tractor eventually came to a rest in a ditch, at which point Mr. Hamilton was able to perform life saving measures to prevent loss of life.  Hamilton has also been named Top Responder, four (4) years in a row and also named EMS person of the year. Deputy Hamilton has been employed by the Sheriff's Office since December 12, 2013 and has been doing an excellent job as a Correctional Officer. **  Pictured above: Captain Mary Allen, Deputy Hamilton, Hamilton's fiancée Alisha Hall  





Corporal Timothy Dow has been employed by the Cecil County Sheriff's Office since February 1, 2010.  He was promoted to Deputy First Class on April 1, 2011.  Due to his excellent performance in the operational aspect of the facility and his exceptional performance in the testing and interviewing arena, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal on May 5, 2012.

Corporal Timothy Dow is well thought of by his peers, subordinates, and his superior Officers.  He consistently has a positive attitude and a desire to mentor junior Officers on his shift.  He displays a mild yet authoritative manner when addressing issues that come into his purview.  He knows what needs to be done and goes about it in a methodical and no non-sense manner.  He takes personal initiative to assist other Supervisors as well as other members of his assigned shift.






On October 11, 2012, the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission named Mr. Edward McCrae the 2012 Instructor of the Year.  Mr. McCrae has been the Cecil County Correctional Facility Training Instructor since January 15, 2007.  Mr. McCrae offers his experience as a former Sergeant, at the facility, on a daily basis to all Correctional Officers and support staff.

Edward McCrae maintains the vital roll, at the Cecil County Correctional Facility, of training all sworn Correctional Officers and sworn personnel.  Mr. McCrae ensures all training is in accordance with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission's standards and maintains 100% compliance.  In addition to training, Mr. McCrae assists with background investigations, policy and procedure writing and most recently assisted with the facilities compliance regarding the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) regulations.