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Community Corrections Recognitions


Dfc. Tawanda A. Leigh began her career as a Correctional Officer with the Cecil County Sheriff's Office on February 24, 2014. She has been assigned to the Detention Center and the Community Corrections Center as of July 4, 2015.  Dfc. Leigh was promoted to Deputy First Class after completing her Maryland Police Correctional Training Commission certification on April 24, 2015. Dfc. Leigh has rapidly gained the respect of her co-workers, as well as the inmates assigned to her care.

Dfc. Leigh is self-motivated and is described by her supervisors as being a team player, who also takes the initiative to willingly learn facility operations to ensure she is up to date on policies and changes.  Dfc. Leigh sets high standards for her personal and professional development and encourages others to do the same. Her positive attitude with her peers and superior officers is infectious as she goes about her daily tasks.  

Dfc. Leigh has demonstrated her desire to be an excellent Officer and is a worthy recipient as the
"2015 Community Corrections Employee of the Year."